Akeyan Enigma

Akeyan Enigma 6.0

An interesting and challenging treasure-hunting game (See all)

Akeyan Enigma is an entertaining treasure-hunting game. The Akeyan empire is a fictional lost civilization whose only remains are ten ancient temples, each made up by five chambers, one of them secret. To get access to this fifth chamber in each temple, you need to enter in each of the four chambers and collect a series of tablets with cryptic inscriptions. Once you have collected all the tablets, the secret door to the fifth chamber will open. All this may sound pretty easy, but actually it isn't. First of all, you need to deal with several obstacles, such as energy fields that prevent you from entering into a given area of each chamber. You can use some aids, such as rocks and blocks, but you need to handle them very well since they can move only in specific ways. If you get stuck, the program can show you the solution of each enigma. Also, there is an instructional demo showing what you can and can't do in the game.
All in all, it is an entertaining game, although its graphics are very basic, akin to old MS-DOS games. Also, the sounds can get annoying after a while, although you can set them off.
The shareware version only gives you access to the first nine levels, and some of them don't show the solution of the enigma. If you want to get rid of this limitation and unlock all the 50 levels and their solutions, then you will need to purchase a license.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Entertaining
  • Challenging


  • Poor graphics
  • Sounds can get annoying after a while
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